Sunday, June 11, 2017

Interviews complete, Family visit!

We've had a great busy couple of weeks, so I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and write!
We completed all of our interviews for the transfer, held our Retrainer's meeting and then had our family come up to visit!  We have enjoyed our interviews and are really seeing the value of having them every transfer.  And we feel our missionaries are working hard and are trying to be the best missionaries they can.  This is hard work, and we are so grateful for their righteous desires and their enthusiasm to share the gospel.  In our zone conferences we initiated a 'walk one day a week' policy, where they park their cars one day each week and are completely on foot.  This gives them great opportunity to be out and about talking with whoever comes in their path, and so far we are hearing so many good things coming from it.  Having cars is good, but in reality, they can be a detriment to the work, because we can spend too much time in them and miss the chance to talk with so many people on the street.  And with the good weather, there's no better time than now to be outside!  So, the elders and sisters get to plan which day they will park their car, and then plan for that day so they can be as effective as possible.
We had a great Retrainers' meeting with our 3 new missionaries that came one month ago and their trainers.  We are so proud of them and their progress and excitement.  We love the enthusiasm of new missionaries!
It was so fun to have most of our family up to visit.  We were able to spend time in Waterton Lakes Park with them, hiking, biking, and just being together, which was the best!!  To hug each of our children and then our little grandsons, was absolutely fantastic.  We missed Brad and Katy and their two little boys not being here; but we understand 'doctor's orders' that she needed to stay close to home since their little baby is due June 24.  Our little grandsons are the joy of our lives, and we had so much fun playing with them, and being with them, and seeing their fun personalities.  We love these 6 little grandsons of ours and are so excited to welcome one more grandson in 2 weeks, and then one more in October!  8 boys!  And then in December, we will welcome one more grand baby-yet we don't know if that will be a boy or girl--we will take either!!  We love our family and are so incredibly blessed to have each one of them.  They are remarkable people, and we are grateful for their faith and testimonies, and for their love and support for us.  It's hard for children to have their parents gone for 3 years--and we are so grateful for all they do for us!  We are so blessed to have them all!  While they were with us we had our missionaries serving in Cardston come have dinner with our family and leave us with a message.  It was so great to have our little grandsons with these missionaries and to be taught by them.
Saturday afternoon we drove to Taber to participate in the stake conference there with Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the Seventy and his wife, Laurel.  President and Sister Baldry invited us to stay in their home, and they treat us like kings and queens.  Sister Baldry is a wonderful cook and prepares these scrumptious meals for us--it's the best bed and breakfast in Canada!  We have so loved the friendships we have made with the stake presidents and their wives.  They are wonderful people.
President and Sister Stewart in Lethbridge let us use their kayaks at Waterton Lakes so the kids could go out kayaking--and they had such a blast.  Everyone is just so generous and kind!
Our Retrainers Meeting June 2

The family getting ready to hike to Crandell Lake in Waterton

Playing with Beck and Wyatt by the lake

We were able to see 3 different bears in Waterton!

Doing selfies with Finn and Miles!

Found two of our elders in Waterton--their Ward Mission Leader took them hiking on P-day!

Dinner with our Cardston missionaries

Our Cardston missionaries gave us a great lesson!
Sister Stash, Sister Rasmussen, Elders Wilgar, Harrison, Ajeman, Sisters Smith & Ence

We also found two Mounties!  First time ever!

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