Monday, May 30, 2016

MLC, teaching, and squirrels!

This past week was yet another busy one!  Since we had our monthly Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday we decided to get down to Lethbridge early enough on Tuesday evening to go out teaching with our missionaries.  Steve went with some elders and I went out with Sisters Blake and King.  We had two great visits--both with less active young adults who are struggling but wanting to come back into full activity.  The sisters were so great with them, and came with lessons in mind to address their needs--and most of all they brought a wonderful  spirit with them.  When you sit in on a lesson of someone that is struggling with alcohol addiction and you see how weary they are of it, and how difficult it is to overcome, your heart aches for them.  And you know it is only through the atonement they can receive the help they need to overcome it.    I was so proud of our sisters and how they are trying to teach and help these two come back into full activity.
Then on Wednesday we had another great MLC with all of our zone leaders and sister trainer leaders.  As I've said before, this is always such a great meeting.  These leaders really come wanting to learn and wanting to discuss how to best help not only their own zones, but how to help our whole mission.  We had great discussions on the strengths and weaknesses in our mission, and how to re-focus our mission on Preach My Gospel.  We also reviewed our Standards of Excellence and discussed how we can keep this in the forefront with our missionaries and encourage them to continue daily to strive for it.  We know if our missionaries are doing their best to achieve the Standards of Excellence that we will increase in not only our baptisms but reactivations.  We had a great spirit throughout the whole day and are so grateful for the devotion of these leaders.
Wednesday evening we both went out teaching again--I went with Sisters Page and Merritt.  This time we visited two active young single adults to chat with them about being member missionaries.  They were both returned missionaries themselves, so they both totally get what needs to happen; and were both willing to try and do some new things.  Then we went to visit a completely inactive young single adult who is trying to decide if he wants to get active...he has an active girlfriend who told him she wouldn't marry outside of the temple; so he is trying to figure out if he wants to gain a testimony. It was quite an interesting visit--he had a lot of questions that were pretty bizarre, and also some theories to go along with them.  He mostly wanted to debate everything.  But as these sisters spoke with him and tried to teach him, he came to realize that he had felt the spirit in his life, which was a huge realization.  But we also realized he doesn't have a testimony that God truly is his loving Heavenly Father.  He had some theories about that.  So, all we could do was bear our own simple, but bold testimonies that we knew, even if he didn't, that God was his Father in Heaven, and that He loved him immensely and wanted him to become more than what he is now.  And that we also knew that Jesus Christ is our Savior and redeemer and through his atonement we can all repent and change. As we testified, the feeling in the apartment changed, and the spirit was there.  So, it was a good night, and again I was so proud of these sisters and of their faith and desire to bring the gospel into people's lives.
Thursday Steve went and did a little bit of weekly planning with two elders in Stirling and I stayed back at the hotel because I came down with a horrible sore throat and cold.  When he was done we drove back to Calgary.
Friday we had our 'retrainers' meeting with all of our new missionaries from last transfer and their trainers.  We had a great meeting with them, discussing how they have been doing and what we could do to help them going forward.  The new ones seemed to be settling in more, and they all seemed excited about the work.  After the meeting we had a hotdog lunch with them and sent them on their way!
This week we have also been doing some squirrel hunting!  Last Sunday night when we were sitting in our living room we could hear critters up in the ceiling!  And then when we went to bed we could hear them running all over in the ceiling!  So we called our facilities manager and told him.  We knew they were skeptical--they thought for sure we were hearing something outside.  But boy were they surprised on Wednesday when the carpet cleaners came in and there was a little brown squirrel running across the training room floor down stairs!!  So, they came and set traps, and over the next few days we caught 5 squirrels.  We think it was a little family.  So, we would catch them and then take them out a few blocks away and let them go.  The workers found an outside plumbing pipe that they thought they were getting in through--so they sealed everything up.  We will see!
On Sunday we spoke in 3 different meetings.  At 9:00 a.m. we spoke in the Spanish branch--in Spanish!  I had written my short talk a month earlier and had Brad translate it for me so I could practice it.  So, then Steve decided last minute Saturday night to write his partially out and he had our assistant , Elder Cervantes, from Costa Rica translate it.  So, he didn't have much time to practice his.
We did ok giving them--but I know the people in the branch really appreciated our efforts--even if we sounded funny!  Then we spoke in a YSA ward at 1:00 and then Sunday night we spoke at a High Priest fireside in the Sefcik's ward.  Elder and Sister Sefcik serve in our mission office, and we love them.  He is also the High Priest group leader, so he had asked us to speak on 'Understanding the Atonement'.  That was humbling in and of itself, because any of those high priests could have delivered a wonderful message.  Steve did an amazing job--and he really didn't have anything written down.  I, on the other hand, had my whole talk written out.  When it's a 20 minute talk, I don't feel like I can just stand up without having it written.  Maybe that shows I'm not trusting in the Lord enough.  But, it was a nice meeting, and we were happy to do it.  So, we had another great week here on our mission.  Now we are preparing for transfers next week, and this Thursday we have a special training with our missionaries on 'How to Prepare for Ward Councils'.  Our two area seventies, Elder Spackman and Elder Evanson, will be joining us.  We are doing one in Calgary, and one in Lethbridge.  We are looking forward to this training and believe it will further our missionary work in a great way.
We can't believe May is almost over.  Each day goes by so quickly.  We are so grateful for this time to serve together.  We really have come to rely so much on each other and to be there for each other.  They told us in the MTC that our love would grow and it is so true.  I am so proud of Steve, and love watching him teach and work with these missionaries.  He is SO good with them!  I think he is the best mission president in the world!
Sister Brown had her birthday the day of MLC, so we had to get her a cake to celebrate!

Elder Stringam showing off his 'small' piece of cake

Our cute sister trainer leaders!  They are the best!

Some of our STL's and zone leaders at MLC

One of our squirrels we caught!

And here's the little critter roaming free!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Temple Zone Conferences complete!

This week we were able to do our Temple Zone Conferences with our Calgary Zones.  They were two amazing days.  It is so touching to walk into the chapel waiting room in the temple and see your missionaries fill the room, all dressed in white.  It is very powerful.  They truly are an 'army of Helaman'.  It was such an incredible experience for them, too.  They loved being all together in the temple.  In the Calgary Temple we could fit 58 in each of our two sessions.  They actually held a special session just for our missionaries.  It was a very special morning both Tuesday and Wednesday.
After the session we had lunch at the church right next door and then went into the chapel there for the remainder of our conference.  Again, just like in Cardston, it was so awesome to hear the missionaries share their thoughts on what they have learned as they have studied the atonement of Jesus Christ.  Their insights were so amazing.  They have truly felt the love their Savior has for each of them as they have contemplated what He did.  And the testimony meetings were so sweet and the spirit was so strong.  It was really such a once in a lifetime experience for them, and one they will never forget--and neither will we.  In mine and Steve's remarks we tried to share with them how the temple has blessed our lives, and the power that comes from keeping the covenants we have made.
We told them that some of the most wonderful memories we have are of being in the temple with all of our children--first doing baptisms for the dead, and then as Mike and Jillian were sealed, and to have all 4 children and spouses in the temple together.  There is nothing sweeter than that.  We explained to them that we do a lot of fun things together as a family..and we have fun!  And we laugh and joke and enjoy life.  But the things of greatest worth are found as we keep the covenants in the temple and stay faithful so we can have all the blessings promised us.  That's what we want most for our family--and that is what we want for our missionaries.
So, we felt our Temple Zone Conferences were very special.
This weekend we were able to attend 3 convert baptisms on Saturday!  Lauryn, a mother of 2 little boys; Daniel a 16 year old, and Elijah, a young adult.  Each baptism was so sweet.  There is nothing like it.  To see someone come into the gospel, and to know they can change, and see the hope the gospel brings is something miraculous.  And to see them be able to quit smoking and drinking when they have tried for truly change!  The last baptism was Elijah's, and he said the closing prayer.  It was such a sweet, tender prayer.  To hear someone brand new in the gospel offer their humble prayer is sooo touching.  There is nothing insincere, or 'rote' or commonplace.  It really touches my heart.  And it is so fun to see our missionaries at these baptisms.  They are so excited and joyful!  They work so hard to get a baptism, and we are so happy for them.
This week, too, we were able to see one of Mike's mission companions, Rob Falconer.  He was actually in the temple with us as an ordinance worker during one of the sessions, and he was also at Elijah's baptism, because it was his YSA ward, and he gave one of the talks.  So, it was fun to connect with him.
This morning we both spoke in the Coventry ward, as they were having a 'missionary minded' meeting.  It was a vibrant ward with lots of young, busy families, and we were glad to be with them and see our cute sisters serving there, Sisters Creech and Horning, who have been working so hard to get the work going in that area.
We are so proud of our missionaries.  They really are trying their best and exercising their faith and being obedient.  We pray constantly for inspiration as to how to lead and guide them and help them.
Wednesday evening we were able to meet our good friends, Gary and LauraJo Griffiths for dinner.  They were coming through Calgary from Banff on their way to Medicine Hat to see one of Gary's mission companions there.  So it was fun to meet up with them.  It was great to spend time with them and share concerns and ideas, since they have also had this calling.  They are good friends.
Friday early evening we had our 'date night' and drove to Elbow Falls, about 50 minutes from Calgary.  It was beautiful!  And then we found a good place to eat in Okotoks.  It was a fun night together. We are trying to be better about taking a few hours off each week for a much needed break.
Although you always have your phone with you--you're not really 'off', but you are if that makes sense.  We're trying to be obedient to what the general authorities have counseled us to do!

Everyone enjoying lunch after the temple.

Two wonderful Relief Societies fed 58 missionaries each day!

In line for lunch after Calgary Temple

Elbow Falls

Elder Cervantes, Ryder (4 yrs. old) Lauryn (to be baptized) Myles, Elder Christensen

Steve playing horse with some boys after Elijah's baptism

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First of 3 Temple Zone Conferences

Last week was one busy, wonderful week!  On Monday we unexpectedly had to drive to Brooks, which is about 2 hours away, to deal with some issues there, and so by the time we drove there, did what we needed to do and drove back our whole day was over!  We didn't have our usual office staff meeting with our Senior Missionaries at the office we usually hold on Mondays about 10:00.  Then Steve went out teaching with some elders and had just a great night out teaching with them.  We learn so much when we go out with our missionaries...we are able to truly see them 'in action', and then it also helps us know better how to help them become better teachers.  They always have a great spirit with them, and they love the gospel and sharing it.  We are still working on teaching with simplicity.
Tuesday we were able to attend a district meeting in Calgary with our Cranston district where Elder Ajeman is the district leader.  It was a great meeting--well prepared, and good participation.  We are so proud of these missionaries as we watch them conduct and train in these meetings.  They are really growing not only spiritually, but in lifeskills, such as learning to stand in front of people and conduct and interact and lead discussions.  And even leading music!
Wednesday we drove to Cardston and both Steve and I went out teaching with our missionaries that night.  He went with elders and I went with the sisters.  I was involved in two great lessons, one with a less-active young adult, and one with a non-member young adult.  Both were such great lessons, and the non-member committed to be baptized in June!  The sisters are very excited about this as they have been teaching him a long time.  This is my first lesson I have been on where someone committed to baptism.  It was pretty thrilling!  Steve was also involved in a great lesson with a whole family from England.  They are all (with the exception of the Mom), anxious to be baptized...but they are going to wait for the mom to come around.  They came to the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference and I was able to meet them--and they were so awesome.  The dad (Matt Freeman) even spoke in the Saturday session!  That's pretty unique for a nonmember to speak in Stake Conference.
That meeting was so touching.  A young adult man shared his re-activation story that was so tender.  He told us that most of his teenage years he was involved in drinking, drugs, immorality and even some stealing.  His parents were both very active in the church so of course this was a huge heartache for them.  Then one day he just wondered if there was more to life than what he was doing.  He happened to have an amazing YSA bishop who began to work with him, and then the full time missionaries, Elder Hill and Perfilli also spent time with him, and had a great influence on him.  And now he has a mission call to England and leaves in a month.  He spoke of the atonement of Jesus Christ and that it is only through Him that we are changed and can become new and clean again.  He was so grateful for the atonement and shared a sweet, but powerful testimony of it.  As I sat on the stand I could look out into the congregation and see many tearful eyes as he shared his story.
On Thursday we had the absolutely wonderful experience of taking 90 of our missionaries through an endowment session in the Cardstson Temple.  To be in the temple with 90 of your missionaries is quite amazing.  It was such a thrill for us.  The Cardston Temple is the most unique temple I have ever been in.  I would encourage anyone coming to visit to be sure to go to that temple--it is beautiful.  And of course after days of good weather, the day we have all these missionaries drive in we have a huge snowstorm!  It was beautiful--but wet!  Our poor senior couples were out doing car inspections during the storm--they were soaked!!
Following the temple we went to the church right across the street and had lunch prepared by a Relief Society from Cardston.  They made a Cafe Rio lunch and our missionaries loved it!  After lunch we went into the chapel and Steve and I both spoke and shared some thoughts and then we had an open discussion about the atonement and what we have learned since we have been studying it the past 2 months.  The insights our missionaries gleaned were incredible.  It made us know that it was worth taking the time to put the atonement books together and study it as a mission.  All of us have gained a greater love and appreciation of the atonement and how it impacts our lives.  And a greater love for our Savior and what He did.
After that discussion we had a wonderful testimony meeting to close out our Temple Zone Conference.  It was an absolutely wonderful day.  We left Cardston about 4:30 and drove to Lethbridge for Steve to be at  his coordinating council meeting with Elder Evanson, our Area Seventy in the south and the 11 stake presidents in the south.  I was able to grab a bite of dinner with Jody Evanson, which was really fun.
Then on Friday we met with our Lethbridge West district to discuss their needs and how we could help them in the work.  You feel so bad when your missionaries are discouraged.  So we hopefully gave them some hope and discussed things that could help them.
On Saturday and Sunday we participated in the Cardston West Stake Conference with Elder Rulon Stacey of the Seventy.  We have been with him before at a Raymond Stake Conference, and we really enjoy him.  He is so genuine and down to earth--yet full of great insights.  We got home from Cardston just in time to throw in frozen pizzas to eat with our assistants, and then we were off to speak at a youth fireside in Calgary.  We were asked to address 'Preparing for a Mission'.  There were about 50 youth between the ages of 12-18.  It was really fun to be with them, and hopefully we shared something of worth for them.
This week we will hold two more Temple Zone Conferences at the Calgary Temple with the rest of our zones in the north.  We are really looking forward to it.
The lunch line in Cardston!

Sisters and elders enjoying a "Cafe Rio" lunch

We teased Elder Coe about being the only elder with the sisters-he said his companion  was in line!

Singing our thank you song for the food.

This was our snowy day at the temple!  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My First Mother's Day in the Mission

I can truly say I've only had about 2 days of homesickness on our mission, and I think I wrote about those many months ago.  But last week, I had a couple of 'pangs' of just wanting to be home for special events in our family.  Mike graduated from the University of Utah on Thursday and we were so proud of him and it really tugged at my heart to not be there to hug him in person and tell him how much we loved him.  Yes, you can say it on the phone--but it's just not the same as being there in person.  And then our youngest grandson, Beck, turned 1.  We have had birthdays for 4 other grandsons which we have missed--and even though we can face time the event, I still just want to hug them all and squeeze them!  So, those are some of the sacrifices I guess.  But, in spite of that, I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord and trying to be an instrument in His hands as we lead and guide these missionaries that we love.  I have a testimony of our Savior, and that He lives and loves us.  If I didn't have that, I couldn't be here.
We were able to attend two different Zone Training Meetings last week--the Calgary West Zone, and the Calgary Zone.  Both were great meetings with a strong spirit present, and we were just so impressed with our zone leaders and what they had prepared, and also with those they had asked to do other trainings.  I am so proud of our missionaries and how they are growing in their faith and testimony and for what they are learning.  They have no idea how it will bless their lives forever!
On Friday afternoon we followed the counsel of the general authorities at our Mission Presidents Seminar two weeks ago and actually took a little p-day afternoon!  We went to Banff and went on a little hike up Stewart's canyon.  As we were driving there along side the road were two huge bighorn sheep just moseying along the road!  I was so dang excited!  I have been looking for those ever since we got here!  Of course we stopped to get a few pictures.  On the way to the hike, which is by Lake Minnewanka, we passed Two Jack Lake which is incredibly beautiful.  It was fun to see scenery we hadn't seen before.  And to be able to get outside and hike was sooo therapeutic!  We have some fabulous country up here, and I love being able to see bits and pieces here and there when we have time.  It was so warm in Banff it was unbelievable...almost 88 degrees!
Sunday of course was Mother's Day, and you know what that means for our missionaries--Phone calls!  They were given one hour to call home, and they were pretty excited about it.  It was my first Mother's day here, and again, it was a bit hard for me to be away from my kids.  But, it was also a great day because the little gal named Cach (who I met in Nordstrom clear last November when I was buying Steve a tie) came to church with us!  We have been keeping  in touch with her ever since we taught her the first lesson last January and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon.  Well, two weeks ago we decided to go into Nordstrom again (under the guise of buying a tie), but mostly to see if she was working.  When we walked in I didn't even see her, but she came running right up to us to say Hi.  We talked for a bit and she told us she still has the Book of Mormon under her pillow--but she hasn't read it yet.  She told us she tried to download it on her phone because she does better at listening than reading--but what she ended up downloading was the music from the musical!  She said, "I thought it didn't seem right!"  So, we showed her how to download the Book of Mormon onto her phone.  After we left her, we realized that we could actually be in the ward on Mother's day where she would attend if she should come because we wouldn't have a stake conference.  So, I texted her and invited her to church.  She texted right back and said, 'yes I'd love to.'  So, I prayed the whole week that she really would come.  She suffers from some anxiety, and so this is a big deal for her to commit to something she knows nothing about.  So we picked her up on Sunday and she came with us.  We ended up sitting right behind two families that each had 4 young boys--so you can imagine the chaos.  I was pretty nervous about how she would react, and if she would even be able to hear and concentrate on the speakers.  She liked the fact that the sacrament was bread and water, instead of wine.  She realized that by being water the young children could even partake.  Our sister missionaries serving in that ward sat with us and were able to meet her, which was great.  Following the meeting she told me she really liked how the speakers could speak so sincerely and tell 'their own stories'.  She has been used to a paid minister to just hear regular people from the congregation speak was a new experience for her.  She really liked it.  We also explained to her that she could attend a ward with just young adults her age in it, and that she might enjoy that more, because there would be many she could relate to.  She seemed really interested in that is my next step--to get her to the YSA ward.  As we were driving away in the car, our sister missionaries that actually serve in the YSA ward were just pulling up, so we stopped and introduced Cach to them and they gave her their card.  It was all just perfect.  So, now I am praying that we can get her to the YSA ward!  She is such a sweet gal, and is looking for more in her life and trying to figure life out.  I just know how much the gospel would bless her and I want so badly for her to have it in her life.  So, pray for Cach!
Sunday afternoon our assistants came to have a short meeting with Steve and then have dinner with us.  They both wrote me a sweet Mother's Day letter which really touched me; and they gave me a pen with the words 'Costa Rica' on it.  Elder Cervantes is from Costa Rica--and he is so proud of where he came from--so he was pretty excited to give me this pen.  I also received a couple of other notes from missionaries and many texts wishing me Happy Mother's Day.  So, it was a happy day, even without being able to hug my kids.  I know many mothers don't enjoy Mother's Day because they feel they don't measure up to what the 'perfect mother' is--but really, where is that elusive perfect mother?  She doesn't exist!  We are all moms just trying to do our best!  But, motherhood has been the greatest, most wonderful blessing in my life.  I look at the joy I have had and it is impossible to describe it.  I am so grateful for my wonderful children--I look up to each one of them!  And when I say children, I am including my in-law children.  They are such a great blessing to me and our family.
Sunday evening we had 3 of our sister missionaries come to our home to face time with their families.  So it was fun to be in on their excitement.  When they were finished they sang a song they had written for us--Sister Tilley played the ukulele and then Sisters Dean and Smartt sang along with her.  It was a hoot--and so creative.  I love sister missionaries, they are so funny.
So, we had a great week, and now look forward to our Zone Conference where we go to the temple.
Zone training meeting with the Calgary West Zone

Zone training meeting with the Calgary Zone-this is the high council room in the stake center  where  N. Eldon Tanner was the Stake President-- in the back ground you can see downtown Calgary

The last of the birthday bags ready to go for zone conferences

Mike and Jillian at graduation!! Way to go Mike!

The bighorn sheep in Banff!

Two Jack Lake in Banff

Mother's Day flowers from the kids!

The 6 cutest grandsons ever!  Drewbie, Finn, Miles, Beck, Wyatt, Sam--celebrating Beck's first birthday.

Beck enjoying his birthday cake!

Sisters Smartt, Tilley and Dean after making their phone calls.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Mission Presidents Seminar in Denver

Last week was another busy one--I guess there really aren't any UN-busy ones!  We really are on a treadmill that never stops--and sometimes you are running at a really fast pace-and most of the time you are walking at a really fast pace!  One of my missionaries asked me if I am tired, and I told her I am tired all the time!  But a good tired.
We held our MLC on Wednesday in Calgary, and as always it was a great meeting.  Since we have quite a few new zone leaders, and some that had been transferred to different zones, we had a good discussion on 'ministering' within our zones, and trying to follow the example of the Savior in our ministry.  These zone leaders and sister trainer leaders really do care about the missionaries in their zones, and want them to be successful and happy.  Steve led a discussion on having a 'vision' for their zones and challenged them all to prayerfully come up with a vision for their individual zones.  They had to turn in their 'vision' by Saturday evening.  We were so impressed with what they had decided on.  MLC is really an amazing meeting--it is always filled with the spirit as we counsel together, and we always have fun, too.
Then on Thursday morning we got up at 3:00 to get showered and ready to be at the airport by 4:30 to catch our flight to Denver  for our Interim Mission President's Seminar.  We left Calgary about 6:30 and got to Denver about 9:00.  Our room wasn't ready yet so we grabbed some breakfast in the restaurant there, and waited in the lobby until the room was ready.  As we waited the other 25 mission president's and their wives began to trickle in.  It was great to see all of our group again.
This was an incredible seminar.  We were blessed to have both President Whitney Clayton and Ulisses Soares of the Presidency of the Seventy with us, along with Elders James B. Martino and Wilferd Andersen of the Quorum of the Seventy  (and all their wives).  We were given such good instruction for 2 1/2 days.  We talked about everything from increasing faith and testimony in our missionaries, to emotional health, to baptisms, to finding, to working with members, to us getting our exercise, to loving and lifting our missionaries, to helping them see who they really are and the power in their calling, and many other subjects.  Throughout the whole seminar you really feel the love and support of the general authorities.  They truly want to help us in any way they can.  They really lifted and inspired us.
It was fun at lunch time and dinner time because we would be assigned a different table at each meal so we would be able to sit with different president's and their wives and also be with a different general authority each time.  At the meals the talk is much more casual and everyone is always exchanging ideas and talking to each other about everything!  It is a great way to bounce things off of each other and just talk with someone who is doing the exact same thing you are.  One thing we have found is that unless you have served in this capacity, you really have no idea just how strenuous it is, and how daunting it can be.  Even though we have been out 10 months now, and feel somewhat more comfortable, we still feel a complete dependence on the Lord.  We know it is His work and He will guide us in it.  We pray constantly for guidance.  I have such a testimony that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers--because mine are answered constantly in so many little ways.  For example, we arrived home late Saturday evening from the seminar and had to speak in the Bow River Alberta Stake Conference on Sunday morning.  Neither of us knew what we were going to speak on.  As I studied and prayed on Sunday morning I felt like some thoughts came and so I wrote a few down on an index card to take with me.  When we were driving to the building I asked Steve, 'so do you know what you will talk on?' And he said, 'nope'.  So we went in and sat down, and were given the program and we read over it.  Steve leaned over and said, 'I know what I'm going to talk on--I'm going to talk about inviting our non-members friends into our homes to feel the spirit that is there, because our homes are holy places.'  This came to him because we saw that the theme for the Stake Conference was 'Stand in Holy Places'.  Well, I still was a little unsure, and then as we sang the opening hymn, which was 'Joseph Smith's First Prayer', I felt prompted to scrap what I had planned on and to share an experience that Leslie and I had when we sang that song in a mother/daughter choir in the Conference Center in Salt Lake for a General Young Women's meeting.  It is amazing to me how Heavenly Father just showers us with these little blessings at the time we need them.  He is so good to us!
In Denver, it snowed the whole time we were there.  It didn't affect us any because we were inside the whole time.  And then we got back to Calgary and we are having unusually warm weather!  27 celsius--which is about 84 Fahrenheit!  That is usually what it is mid summer.  Everyone is getting worried about the lack of moisture here.  But it sure is nice and our missionaries are loving it.
We are getting excited about our zone conferences coming up where we are attending the temple together.
Sisters Smartt, Tilley & Dean came over for a p-day visit and snuggled in the recliner.

The conference room in the Marriott Hotel in Denver.

Us with the other Canadian Mission Presidents and Wives- The Manions (Edmonton Mission) and the Craigs (Winnipeg Mission)