Saturday, June 27, 2015


We arrived at the MTC on Wednesday, June 24
after our setting apart on Tuesday.  We received our name tags with our official mission name...which was really fun to see.  The MTC has been a spiritual feast every day.  We have been taught by the apostles, the First Presidency and other general authorities.  We have been able to feel their love for us and their encouragement as they send us out to the field.
It has been wonderful to meet the other mission presidents and their wives--we all have that same feeling of anticipation, anxiety, nerves and excitement.   We are all so excited to get out there and meet our missionaries!

                                         Here we are at the MTC in front of the world map.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Packed up and ready!

Yesterday the moving company came and packed up all of our belongings to take to Canada. Along with clothes, shoes (Steve said I took way too many of those!), toiletries, books and family pictures, we also packed fishing gear for Steve, golf clubs, skis, and a spin bike and free weights. The men that packed us up were surprised that we had so little. They hadn't planned on being able to get it all in this they were happy when they could take it all.  It's now off to Calgary!  It will beat us there, as we won't arrive until the afternoon of June 30.  We can't wait to make the drive ourselves and see this beautiful country.  But first, the MTC next week--June 24 through June 28!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


We are President Stephen P. Miles and Sister Lori Miles.  And we are so excited to serve in the Canada Calgary Mission beginning July 1st! Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves...

We are from Sandy, Utah, USA.  We have four amazing children who are all married to four equally amazing spouses.  We have 6 little grandsons, the youngest born just 4 weeks ago, and the oldest is almost 6.  As a family we enjoy skiing, boating, camping, biking, eating, and just being together.  

We received our mission call in October of 2014.  We were very humbled at this opportunity to serve in this capacity.   At that time we did not know where we would be going!  Two months later we received our assignment letter stating we would be serving in the Canada Calgary Mission!  We, and our children were thrilled!