Sunday, June 11, 2017

Difficult trials

I don't know if I've mentioned before some of the difficult trials some of our missionaries face with their families.  We have several missionaries whose parents are all battling cancer, and we know the worry and concern this leaves a young missionary.  One sister's mother passed away just last month, and this sweet sister was able to go home and be with her mom for a few days before she passed, and then she came back out into the field.  What faith!  Our hearts ache for them as they go through this and we pray for them and their families every day.  Many of our missionaries deal with very tough challenges at home, and yet, here they are, out trying to serve the Lord and share His gospel and bring joy into someone else's life.  It is really quite remarkable.  As they face these challenges we see their faith grow, and their love for the Savior and His atonement deepen.  They come to know in a real way what the atonement is and how a loving Savior can bring them the peace they need.  Saturday we put Elder Todd on the plane to go home 10 days earlier than his true release date to be with his Dad who has been battling cancer.  We are so grateful for his selfless service and his testimony.  He will be such a strength for his family.  We love and admire these missionaries so much.  They are valiant servants.
Saying good-bye to Elder Todd

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