Monday, February 6, 2017

True Canadian Winter!

Today I needed to go to Costco since I hadn't been there since before Christmas.  Steve thought I was crazy because it was -19 outside and snowing and the roads were bad.  But, I was going!
Well, I learned that the best day to go to Costco in Calgary is on a day just like this!  No one was there because of the weather I guess!  Easy to find a parking spot right up front--no lines- it was great!
Everyone has told us that this year has been a true Canadian winter.  And I believe it.  Last Sunday we had a chinook and temperatures soared to +14 (which is 58 fahrenheit), and this past weekend and today we have been at -15 to -19. (about -4 fahrenheit) Bitter cold!
We have also learned that they don't really worry about plowing the roads here either!  So you need to like driving on snowpacked roads.  I don't mind that really!  We have been getting quite a bit of snow the past few days--and our zone out in BC has been getting pounded with snow.  They had to cancel their zone training meeting for tomorrow because they can't let all the missionaries that need to drive in be on the roads.  They are hoping to hold it on Thursday.
You gotta love it!
This is how they plow the roads in Calgary-- they don't!

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