Monday, October 17, 2016

Visit from Steve's siblings and MLC

Last week was another great week.   One fun reason though was that Steve's siblings and spouses came up to visit and say Hi.  We were able to spend a little time with them, and were able to attend the beautiful Cardston Temple together and they also went with us to the Cardston Stake Conference that we were involved with over the weekend.  It was so great to see them.  We are so grateful for their love, prayers and support in our behalf.
We also held our Mission Leadership Council in Calgary on Wednesday and it was such a fantastic meeting filled with the spirit, and it was so edifying and uplifting.  In the afternoon we pulled all 40 chairs into a circle and had discussions about leading the way the Savior would, and also about increasing our personal desire to find and teach more people.  These missionaries are so amazing with their insights and views and knowledge and faith!  MLC is really one of our favorite meetings.  We also discussed how to plan and prepare for a baptismal service and all the details that go along with that, and how important it is to invite our investigators to those baptisms.  The whole day was just wonderful.  Now we count on these leaders to take what we discussed to their zones and teach them.  And they always do a fantastic job at that.
After our MLC we went to meet Elder Tu, our new missionary from Taiwan that had just arrived in our mission.  They had kept him for one week longer in the MTC so he could work on his English a little bit.  He is a great young man and we are so excited to have him here working with the other Mandarin speaking elders in our mission!
On Saturday afternoon before the evening session of stake conference in Cardston I went out teaching with three sisters-Sisters Palmer, Hathaway and Blaser.  And Steve went out teaching with Elders Todd and Browning.  I had 3 great lessons!  One with a member family, one with a less active young single adult, and one with a non-member young single adult.  Each lesson was so good.  The sisters had planned and prepared well for them and did a great job.  It was really fun to be out teaching with them and see them in action.  I was so proud of them.
After that we went to the dinner at the stake centre with President Lybbert and his wife Shannon, and Elder and Sister Spackman (our visiting authority) and the other members of the stake presidency and their wives, and President and Sister Hardy of the Cardston Temple.  Oh, I forgot to mention that on Friday when we went to the Cardston Temple with Steve's siblings, after our session, President Hardy took us on a little tour of the temple and we were able to go to the baptismal font area, and it was so beautiful.  The Cardston Temple is just so unique!  It was the 6th temple built, and the first one outside of the United States.
Our Sunday morning session of Stake Conference was completely devoted to member missionary work!  It was so awesome!!!!  President Lybbert really challenged his stake to step up and improve in this area, and then Elder Spackman also echoed President Lybbert's words.  So we are ready for things to take off in Cardston!!
We drove home from Cardston and made a yummy dinner with Steve's siblings and had 4 of our missionaries come eat with us and then share a message.  We had Elders Moffitt and Lee, and Sisters Frandsen and Blake--and again, we were so proud of them and the messages they shared.  We just love our missionaries!  We then hugged Mike and Sandy, Marsha and Clark, and Dick and Brenda goodbye and sent them on their way to their hotel by the airport.  We are so grateful for amazing family that have been such good influences in our lives and in the lives of our children.
Zone leaders enjoying lunch at MLC

Lunch is always good!

Can you see why we love these missionaries?

Our new Elder Tu with his trainer, Elder Fong

At the temple with Steve's siblings

One last picture with the siblings & missionaries before saying good-bye

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  1. Great picture of the family! Brother Perry was just made our new Stake Patriarch!