Monday, October 3, 2016

Another great week topped off with General Conference!

This has been another busy week--in fact I haven't had time to write about it until now!
On Tuesday we were able to attend two different district meetings in the Bow River Zone.  As always we love seeing these missionaries conduct these meetings and teach each other.  Their insights are always so amazing.  We were also able to attend another district meeting on Wednesday in the Calgary North Zone, which was great as well.
Tuesday night we were able to attend the baptism of Patrick Michael Joseph Cutler.  He was taught by Sisters Earnhardt, Frandsen, and Stash.  It is just so incredible to see someone's life change because of the gospel.  He is a man in his 50's, never married, and no family around.  But now he has these brethren in his ward to love and fellowship him.  It was so neat to see the men in the quorums rally around him.  The bishop of the ward was the one to baptize him.  These convert baptisms are just the best.  We love to be able to attend them.  There is always such a great spirit there.
On Thursday we left at 9:30 a.m. and drove to Ft. Macleod, Lethbridge, Raymond, Magrath and Cardston interviewing missionaries that will depart this week for home, and some other missionaries needing help.  We got home about 9:30 p.m.  But it was a great day--and we actually found a new little Mexican restaurant in Cardston to eat at!  We took 3 of the sisters serving there to dinner with us after we met with them since they didn't have a dinner with members that evening.  And the food was great!  An LDS family that had been living in Calgary decided to go after their dream of opening a restaurant, and so they moved to Cardston and did it!  It is great because there really aren't any options in Cardston but the Subway, and DQ!  Well, there are a couple of little places, but not much!  So this was a good find!  It was a great day seeing so many missionaries, and it was a great fall day to travel.
On Friday we had our New Trainers meeting with the missionaries that will be training our 10 new missionaries arriving tomorrow.  We feel so good about these trainers.  Training is such an important assignment as a missionary--they really set the example for this new missionary coming in.  The new trainers really feel the responsibility of this new assignment and are all a little nervous about it--but we think that is good.  When you are nervous you tend to be more humble and seek the Lord's help.
We think they will be great.
Saturday of course was General Conference which was so wonderful to be able to listen to.  We were so inspired and also very excited about the talks which Elder Andersen and Elder Oaks gave about member missionary work--how it is the responsibility of each one of us to share this wonderful gospel with those around us.  We have truly learned out here just how important that is.  When members bring referrals, or introduce missionaries to their friends, it is so much better!  Most of the time these people are prepared to hear this wonderful message.  I am trying to do my part and be more bold about sharing this gospel with anyone I come in contact with.  Today at the store where we had to pick up a suit for Steve the little gal helping us told us how she goes to Salt Lake all the time.  I asked her why and she said it was because she goes to see her favorite aunt and her cousin there, and her cousin just got home from a mission to Toronto.  So of course I asked her if she was a member of the church, and she said 'no.'  I asked her if she would let our missionaries come teach her what her cousin had been teaching in Toronto.  She was a little hesitant, and said she wanted to study more about all religions in the world-- I responded that I thought that was great, but why not let someone of our faith come and really teach her what we believe as Latter Day Saints?  So, she asked me if I had a card.  Do I have a card?  You bet I do!  So I gave her a pass along card with the link to the video "Because Of Him" and wrote my name and number on it.  I told her to watch it and then call me.  I'm hoping that video will speak to her heart!  Who knows if anything will come from it--but it felt good to open my mouth and not be fearful!  We have been teaching the members here that their success is  in extending the invitation...not in the outcome.  So, everyone  out there reading this--extend some invitations!
On Sunday after conference we were able to attend the sweetest baptism of a family of 4- the Reyes family who was taught by our Spanish sisters, Sisters Dean and Ratliff.  Sister Ratliff goes home on Friday, so what a wonderful way to end her mission!!  Actually there are 6 members in the family, but only the parents and two oldest children were baptized.  The other two children are only 6 and 4, but they are so excited for the day they can be baptized.  They are such a beautiful family--I can't tell you how special it was to see them be baptized.  That is what this wonderful gospel is all about--bringing families and others to the Savior, so they can have all the blessings possible to them.  It was such a spiritual baptism.
We are now getting ready to welcome 10 new missionaries tomorrow!  This will be another busy, but fun week.  This work is amazing.  It is incredibly hard; but the Lord sustains us and strengthens us in it every day.  He helps us do things way beyond our capacities and abilities.  I love this gospel and am so blessed because of it.  My testimony of the Savior truly is my greatest treasure.
District Mtg. with Sisters Ence, Dobyns, Frandsen, Earnhardt, Stash, Elders Miller & Brown

District Mtg. with Elders Harris, DeYoung, McNeil, Sisters Melville & Boylan

Role plays at District Mtg. in the Calgary North zone

Baptism of Pat Cutler- with Sisters Earnhardt, Frandsen and Stash

Sisters Gleason and Merritt

New trainers: Front row: Sisters Dean, Jensen, Sims, Caldwell, Ence
Back row: Elders King, Fong, Grinwis, Mecham

This stole our hearts-- we got a text picture of our youngest grandson Beck, watching Pres. Monson on tv during conference.  Is this the sweetest thing ever?

Lunch with the Fish Creek Zone at the mission home in-between conference sessions on Sunday.

Hot dog lunch!

Baptism of the Reyes Family--left back: Sisters Dean & Ratliff with Lorena
Front row: Avril, Christian, Junior, Melissa and Junior, Sr.
isn't this a beautiful family?

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