Thursday, October 8, 2015

Prayers for a missionary

So much of this missionary work is just wonderful, but every once in awhile we have very difficult things come our way.  This week was one of them.  On Monday we had to inform one of our sweet elders that his mother had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and in the same week his aunt had also been diagnosed with leukemia.  We drove down to the city he is serving in so we could tell him in person and so Steve would be able to put his arm around him and hug him while he heard this news.  Steve said it was so heart breaking to deliver this news, and it caused many tears.  He was able to give him a priesthood blessing, and we decided we would all fast together later this week prior to his mother's surgery.  As Steve met with this elder I sat with his companion and told him the situation so he could be aware of what is going on and we could discuss how he could help his companion at this difficult time.  After we were finished we went out to our car and the elders climbed on their bikes to ride away; and as we watched them ride off, we both shed tears for this elder.  Our hearts were heavy as we thought about this faithful, young elder who is so excited to serve, and doing such a great  job, ride away with tear filled eyes.  We pray that he will feel an abundance of Heavenly Father's love at this time, and pray also for his mom and his aunt.  So, we humbly invite any who happen to read this blog to please pray for this young elder and his family at this time.  It is times like these when you are so grateful to know that you have a Heavenly Father who knows and loves you and is truly aware of what is going on in your life, and will strengthen and bless you as you turn to him.

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  1. what a hard thing to have to deal with while on a mission. We will keep praying for him and pray that his mom can have a full recovery.