Monday, October 5, 2015

Interviews and General Conference

Zone leaders & sister trainer leaders at MLC lunch

More lunch pics from MLC.  We ordered 17 large pizzas!

As usual, this past week has been very busy.  We began with interviews in Medicine Hat on Tuesday, then Missionary Leadership Council on Wednesday, more interviews on Thursday and Friday in Lethbridge before returning to Calgary for General Conference.  This is our second round of interviews and we are really enjoying them because we know the missionaries so much better!  We love spending time with them individually.  I love to be able to chat with the companions while Steve is interviewing the other one.  Sometimes though, I will have 5 or 6 there, depending on if a whole district has come in, or if they are sharing cars, etc.
We are now also really looking forward to and enjoying our Missionary Leadership Council meetings.  These meetings are where all the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders gather together and we council and discuss the needs of the mission.  These are fantastic missionaries and the leaders of the mission.  This month we are focusing on 'Recognizing the Spirit in our Lives'.  This is a topic the missionaries had requested in a survey they had taken.  We know the missionaries have a great desire to discern when the spirit is speaking to them and to act upon the promptings they receive.  I think this is something all of us want to improve on, and so we are excited to make this a focus.
We were so grateful to be able to listen to General Conference this weekend and witness the historic event of having 3 new apostles sustained.  We are so blessed to be led by a prophet and apostles.  We know they are men called of God and will lead us and guide us in the way that will keep us spiritually safe.
On Saturday we watched the sessions at the Stake Center with our missionaries.  Then on Sunday we were headed out to the stake Center again only to find that our road was closed due to a city wide 'Cancer Walk'.  So, we had to turn around and go back to our home and watch it on the computer!
In between sessions we had the Calgary South zone come over for lunch along with our office staff.  It was really fun to have them all over.  It is also fun to hear our missionaries talk about General Conference.  They  really 'soak it up' and feel such a renewal and new commitment to increase their faith and work hard.  They love to hear the prophet and the apostles and gain such strength from them.  They also loved being able to watch Elder Martino speak in the Saturday afternoon session, as he was just here visiting our mission.
Interview time!  Me, Elders Owens, Manarii, Chen, Marenco
Elder Chen stole my camera to take this one!

MLC lunch

more MLC lunch pics--

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