Sunday, August 23, 2015

Zone Conferences!

Calgary Zone

Elders Heuer, Clabaux, Dredge-they love to steal my camera and take pictures of themselves on it without me knowing!
Calgary East Zone
Calgary South Zone
Calgary North Zone
Calgary West Zone
Sister Blake, Elder Law, Sister Jensen--stealing the camera!

Calgary Foothills Zone

This week we held our Zone Conferences in the Calgary area.  We have 6 zones in Calgary, so we hold two on each day.  We have been focusing on teaching the Restoration simply, clearly and for understanding.  We had them role-play within their zones and teach as companions the lesson of the restoration in 6 minutes.  There was really a great spirit as they did hear them teaching and testifying of the prophet Joseph Smith and the need for a restoration of the gospel after the great apostasy.  Steve did a wonderful job instructing and teaching them about raising their vision and increasing their faith to find those that have been prepared to receive the gospel. He shared four of his favorite stories on faith from the New Testament.  We also had a wonderful testimony each day with the zones.  Their testimonies are so inspiring.  They are each in their own way coming to know the Savior and feel of his atonement and love for them.  It is really sweet to hear them.
We also had a fun activity (with candy bars as prizes)..we asked questions from Preach My Gospel, the Missionary White Handbook, and scriptures.  The first  one to raise their hand and answer correctly wins the prize.  It was a good, fun game to play and they loved it.
Our last question was, "what night is President and Sister Miles' date night?"  The first answer was 'Monday'.  No one won!  Our date night is Friday night--and we told them unless they are on their deathbed, or bleeding like crazy, to avoid calling us between 6-9 p.m.  They actually thought it was pretty cool we could go on dates!

 Sister Blake, Gleason and Jensen

And again they steal my camera to be
sure they put their pictures on it!

We have loved our Zone Conferences with these amazing elders and sisters in the Calgary area.  To hear their testimonies, and feel of their faith and their desire to serve Christ is very inspiring.  We just love them.
Next week we have 3 more zone conferences with our elders and sisters in British Columbia, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Cardston and the surrounding small towns.  We are looking forward to those!
This week also began Stake we spoke at our first Saturday evening session on Saturday, and next week we will speak on Saturday evening and Sunday.  Although we have spoken at many Stake Conferences over the years, we have found that now we hardly have any time to prepare for them.  So, Friday evening I prayed that I would know what I was supposed to say for Saturday's session and that I would be able to have the spirit guide my thoughts and words.  As I laid in bed that night before falling asleep thoughts came to my mind, and when I woke up Saturday, they were still there.  So, I got up and studied my scriptures for a bit and those same thoughts stayed with I knew that was my answer.  It is still so amazing to me how mindful our Heavenly Father is of each of us.  He is so kind.
Steve did such a wonderful job in his comments.  He didn't have one note with him, and yet he gave such a powerful message, and yet so personal and warm.  He is such a great President, and I am so glad he is my companion and can never get transferred!!!
In the general session of the Stake Conference today the choir was from the Spanish Branch and they were incredible.  The last hymn they sang was 'How Great Thou Art' and it was beautiful.  It was so neat to hear it in Spanish.  Their singing brought such a wonderful spirit to the conference. We had Elder Paul Hintze from the Seventy as the visiting authority and he was very kind, and genuine.  It was good to get to know him and be instructed by him.
We now officially have our new counselors in the mission presidency--President Gedlaman and President Stephen.  (and their wives!)  We are excited to have them work with us and they will be a great help.  We feel like we are getting our feet on the ground!

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