Monday, August 31, 2015


I forgot to put this picture of this teepee in my last post.  When we were driving to Cardston we stopped by JoAnn's--she is a woman we visited with the elders on a teaching appointment  over a month ago.  She is from the Indian tribe First Blood...she is a returned missionary that actually served in Salt Lake City back in 1980.  Unfortunately, she had a really bad car accident about 5 years ago and suffered severe head trauma and other broken bones.  She has recovered quite well, but still loses her short term memory sometimes.  She is a really wonderful person, and is trying to help the natives here in Canada.  This teepee is a real Blackfoot teepee--they had just set it up that day.  This one is made of canvas, and not hides, but the poles were gathered from the reservation.  It was really neat to go inside and see it all.
Blackfoot TeePee

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