Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our first P-Day

The Canadian Rockies are so unique!
On the road to Banff...

Since we have missionaries serving in the Banff/Canmore area we decided to take a little half day p-day to check out their area.
Canmore is a city of about 12,000 people and Banff has about 7,500.
The scenery on the way there was beautiful!
Canmore is about 25 minutes from Banff and is nestled right in the mountains.  It thrives on tourists, but we can see there are opportunities for missionary work there.

The town of Banff
We can see that Banff would be harder to do missionary work in being that it is such a tourist attraction.  It would be hard to find the 'locals' who actually live there.  But our sisters in that area
are working hard at it!

Going into Canmore

The town of Canmore

It was fun to take a few hours and go visit these two beautiful areas...especially since we knew the rest of the week was going to be extremely busy with interviews and appointments all day long.
Interviewing our missionaries last week and this week (and all of next week!) has been such a delight.  We get to know them personally and hear about their backgrounds.  We have some amazing missionaries who have gone through so much in their personal lives.  We love them.

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  1. How lucky that Banff is in your mission!!!! I can't wait to visit!!