Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good few days!

On Sunday after our meetings we went for a little drive through the Columbia Valley and came upon the Columbia Valley Wetlands.  They are the largest undeveloped wetlands in North America.  The view was spectacular--you could see for miles!

This was my favorite view of the wetlands!

We finally remembered to put the binoculars in the car so we could look for wildlife...but so far we have been disappointed!  We've only seen 1 or 2 deer!  I'm waiting to see a big moose!


Dad checking for wildlife!                

On Monday we went on a p-day hike with our British Columbia Zone at a ski resort outside of Cranbrook called Kimberley.  It was beautiful, but it was kind of a drizzle through the whole hike.  And, it was one steep incline!  Dad and I both made it-but it got us huffing and puffing a little.  I saw my first huckleberry bush and ate some huckleberries from it!

Just warmed my heart to see this!

Dad with half of our group

It was a great view from the top!

We completed our interviews with our BC zone on Tuesday and left there at 4:30 to drive to Lethbridge for our Missionary Leadership Council Meeting on Wednesday.  The drive from Cranbrook to Lethbridge is beautiful because you go through Crowsnest Pass which has some spectacular scenery.  But the highlight of the week so far was our MLC meeting on Wednesday.
The elders and sisters that attend this meeting are zone leaders and sister trainer leaders.  They are a remarkable group of missionaries that hold these leadership positions and lead the other missionaries.
They come with so many great ideas, and they express their concerns about what is going on within their zones, and seek direction and counsel from each other and from us.  They also come hoping to feel the spirit guide and direct them, so that makes the meeting even better.  They counsel together and come up with a training plan for the mission for the month of August, and how they will implement that plan.  It is so amazing to watch them counsel and discuss ideas and settle in on their plan.  They are so impressive and we love to watch them in action.  Last month we focused on Faith vs. Fear and how to increase our faith and decrease our fears we have in missionary work.  This month we are focusing on Refining Ourselves through the Spirit, and relying more on the spirit to help us in our personal weakness, in our teaching efforts and in all we do.  It is really so cool to sit back and watch these missionaries.  They have a great desire to serve and to strengthen not only their own testimonies but those of their zone.
Since this meeting was down in Lethbridge we had to order lunch in--we ordered 17 pizzas for it, and they all got eaten!  Plus Oreos and Chips Ahoy!

This is our Missionary Leadership Council!
We will be sad to lose some of them in two weeks when they go home.

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  1. Some things never change- dad in church attire scoping the wildlife. You guys fit right in.