Monday, May 22, 2017

Gone all week-Interviews, MLC, more interviews & warm weather!

Last Sunday night we drove to Lethbridge and on the way down we stopped in Claresholm and Fort Macleod to interview our elders and sisters serving in those areas.  They are part of the Cardston zone, and we are kind of interviewing their zone at different times, rather than all on one day.  We have become quite creative in our scheduling to fit everything in!
Monday we spent the day preparing for our Missionary Leadership Council and on Monday night we drove to Raymond and Magrath and interviewed our missionaries there.  Tuesday we spent the day interviewing our Lethbridge zone, and then on Wednesday we held our MLC down in Lethbridge.  We trade off every month on where we hold MLC, so the same missionaries don't have to do all the one month it is in Calgary, and the next month in Lethbridge.  Some of our zone leaders always have quite a bite of travel time, like our BC elders and our Medicine Hat elders, but this is the best solution for most. Anyway,  it was an incredible day together.  There was such a strong spirit the whole day.  We had many different missionaries give trainings, and each one was so prepared.  These leaders have such a great desire to do the work, and to help and inspire their zones.  We love working with them and are so proud of them.  Since the directive given in April to no longer hold Zone Training Meetings we had to discuss how we will best utilize our zone leaders now, and how their roles in zone conference will be more prominent.  Also with the Sister Training Leaders.  They always participated in trainings in zone training meetings, but now those don't exist.  But for all the leaders, their greatest opportunity as a leader is to minister one on one in their exchanges.  So we discussed how to minister and what an effective leader is and does.  Steve led that discussion and it was great.  He always points them to the Savior's example and how He ministered.
I am always in awe of Steve and all that he can teach our missionaries.  He gives them the best examples in the scriptures, and helps them see how it applies in real life.  I love learning from him.  He's the best mission president ever!!  I'm so glad I'm his companion and that I can never get transferred!!!
On Thursday we interviewed our Lethbridge East zone and then drove to Medicine Hat to do their interviews on Friday.  Our only two sisters serving in that zone were in a bad car accident two days earlier, and we know they were watched out and blessed, because they only had a few little bruises and bumps, and yet their car was totaled.  We were so grateful for their safety, and it was good to see them and hug them!  We got back to Calgary on Friday evening, and then on Saturday we did interviews with our Confederation Park zone.
Sunday we were able to attend the Spanish ward with our 4 sisters and 2 elders serving there.  We love the feeling in the Spanish ward-those people are so loving and fun and kind!  They didn't have any translation going so we didn't understand much, ha ha, except it was the day for the high counselor to speak, and he spoke in English, so we did understand one talk!  But it was good to be there.
Even though doing these interviews and zone conferences  every transfer makes us much more busy,
we see the wisdom in it.  To see the missionaries more often is a good thing--we feel like we can discern their needs better and help them more.  We are so proud of our missionaries.  They are working hard and trying their best to find and bring people unto the Savior.  It is hard work and we are grateful for their commitment.  We really love them.
Our weather the past few days has been great--around 70-75.  And tomorrow it could reach low 80's! We did have a really cold, rainy Wednesday last week, but then it started to warm up.  Everyone is enjoying this better weather.
My Mother's Day flowers from our kids arrived on Monday after Mother's Day and  we were in Lethbridge so Elder Sefcik took good care of them!

Elders Johnson and Jewkes riding their bikes to interviews!

Sisters Leonard, Hansen, Williams, Burns at interviews

Our entire Mission Leadership Council

All of the Sister Training Leaders

Hamming it up with the STL'S!

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