Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#8 Grandson, Will Spring Ever Come?

I forgot to write that last week we found out we will be getting our 8th grandson in October!  The boy streak continues in the Miles family! Mike and Jillian had their appointment that afternoon to determine what it would be! On Tuesday afternoon in our zone conference we asked the missionaries if they thought we would get our first granddaughter or our 8th grandson.  The vote was about 15 for a girl, and 23 for a boy!  We are pretty excited to welcome a sweet new little grandson in June, and then this one in October.  But THEN, we have another grand baby coming in December (Leslie and Jordan are expecting baby #2)--we will find out in the summer if the boy streak continues, or if a girl is on the way!
We are also wondering if we will ever get spring!  Monday as we drove to the airport the snow really began falling hard!  I have even had to wear a coat this week, and boots!  I have never wanted spring to come so badly in my entire life!
One thing I wanted to touch on is how difficult it is when we receive word that one of our missionary's grandparents has passed away.  It is such a hard phone call for Steve to make, or if he can do it in person, he tell them they have lost a sweet grandma or grandpa.  Our heart always aches for them.  We keep them in our prayers, and their families, too.  We remember when Mike was serving his mission and my dad passed away just 3 weeks before he was to come home.  I was so sad that they just 'missed' each other; especially because my dad loved Mike so much and was so proud of him.  But we know where these grandparents are; and our missionaries can go out and boldly testify of the plan of salvation, and because of their Savior, they will see their grandparents again.  The plan of salvation really becomes efficacious for them.

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  1. Thank you President and Sister Miles for taking such good care of our daughter. The Rowberry Family