Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New transfer schedule

Today we were able to go to a district meeting in the Bow River Zone, and it is just so refreshing to be with these awesome missionaries.  They all looked great-so sharp!  And there was great training from them and good discussion.  We are just so proud of them and their desires to serve and find people to share the gospel with.  It is a wonderful experience to be serving with so many amazing young single adults who just want to share with people what has brought them so much happiness in their lives.
Last week we held our New Trainers meeting on Friday for the missionaries that will be training the new missionaries arriving tomorrow!  We only have 6 coming in, and we have 3 leaving...so small numbers both ways!  We are actually going to the temple with our departing missionaries in about an hour.  This is the first month where our transfer schedule is a little reversed.  In the past our missionaries coming from the MTC arrive on Tuesday afternoon, and our departing missionaries go home Friday morning.  Now, the departing ones leaves Wednesday morning, and the arriving ones come in Wednesday afternoon!  So, tomorrow will be a very busy day!  Hellos and goodbyes all in one day!  We are actually glad that our numbers are small this time while we work through this new schedule and work out all the bugs in it before we have huge numbers in the summer.
We are also grateful that our weather has warmed up!  It's still Calgary weather--meaning it can be about 10 or 11 (celsius) which is about 50 Fahrenheit, and then it can drop down to 1 or 2.  But anything is better than -17!  We can even see all of the grass on our front lawn!  We have never been so excited for spring as we have been this year!
All the snow is melted in our front yard!!

Celebrating Elder Jewkes' birthday at the New Trainers Meeting.

Lunch with our new trainers (& a few extras!)

Love getting hand written letters from my grandsons in the  mail!

District meeting with Elder Barrus, Sisters Hatch, Bodily, Willis, Moss and Elder Manarii

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