Sunday, January 22, 2017

Zone Conferences!

This past week we held 4 of our 5 zone conferences, and they were so wonderful.  We really love Zone Conferences--they are so inspiring.  We always pray that the conferences will uplift, inspire and edify the missionaries, and strengthen their testimonies.  For these conferences we had each of the missionaries come prepared to give a 3 minute talk on the attribute of Christ they are working on for this transfer.  One of our Standards of Excellence is to choose and develop a Christlike attribute, (many of which are listed in Preach My Gospel) and work on it for the whole transfer.  At each conference we chose 3 or 4 missionaries to give their talks, and they were so good.  We heard talks on patience, charity, humility, and hope.
We also discussed the talk Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave in General Conference last October on 'Sharing the Restored Gospel', and how we could share his suggestions with the members in the wards.  He gave 3 great ideas that all members should do...1)Pray for a desire to share the gospel 2)Continue to be faithful and keep the commandments 3)Pray to be inspired as to what we can do in our individual circumstances, and commit to act on the promptings we are given.  So, we invite anyone who reads this to follow these suggestions from an apostle and see what wonderful things can happen.
We also discussed being diligent, and then each zone had their own breakout session where they discussed using the back page of Preach my Gospel every day in their work.  We also had a fun question and answer game (candy bars being the prize!), where they answer questions out of Preach my Gospel, The White Handbook, and the scriptures.  It is always fun!
Then we had lunch which is always deliciously prepared by Relief Society sisters from the different stakes.
After lunch we talked about teaching repentance, and the importance of that as we teach our investigators, because it is through repentance that we begin to change, and we access the power of the atonement in our lives. We then role-played teaching repentance, which is always a great thing to do.
After that Steve led a discussion on 'Coming to Know Christ'.  The missionaries shared their personal experiences on how they have really come to know Christ.  Not just know of him, and have read about him, but how they have truly come to know him.  They shared many things--through prayer, through the scriptures, through adversity, through serving, and through trying to develop the attributes of Christ they come to know Him.  It was such a wonderful discussion.
After that we had a testimony meeting which was so powerful.  We love to see how their faith and testimonies grow throughout their missions.  It is really amazing.  I wish everyone could sit in on one missionary testimony meeting.  There is nothing like it.  I always hate for them to end.
We held two different conferences in the Calgary area, then we held one in Lethbridge and one in Taber, and tomorrow we head to BC to hold their zone conference on Tuesday.
Thursday night we were able to go to dinner with our Area Seventy in Lethbridge, Elder Evanson and his wife Jody.  We just love them, and are so appreciative of his support in this work.
On Friday night in Lethbridge the 3 stake presidents hosted a tri-stake community musical event featuring Wayne Burton who is an LDS singer/songwriter.  He has written songs for EFY and many other things.  The event was held specifically for members to invite non-members and less active members.  We had an incredible turnout--about 800 people, with about 100-200 being non-members. The music was beautiful and all centered on Jesus Christ.  Wayne did all of his own music, with the exception of the hymn, Beautiful Savior, which one of our Sister  missionaries, Sister Messick performed-and she did a beautiful job!  And one of our elders, Elder Assily also did another solo which was absolutely beautiful, too.  Then, most of our missionaries serving in that area sang two choir numbers with a few other members in the stake.  It was such a great night--you could feel the spirit strongly through the music.  We hope that many people were touched by it, and that it might generate interest in wanting to know about our Savior.
Saturday we did interviews with the Lethbridge zone, and following interviews we had dinner with President and Sister Lybbert from Cardston.  They have also become good friends, and we love to be able to be with them.  One of the wonderful perks of serving in the gospel are the friends that you meet.  I look at my life and the many dear friendships I have because of serving in callings, and it is so cool!  I have so many friends because of church service!
This past week our weather has been so much warmer--around 25-34 Fahrenheit.  Such a change from the bitter cold we were having.  I haven't even worn a coat--in fact I sent it to the cleaners!  I guess I am acclimatized to Canadian weather!  Everyone has told us that we can now say we have experienced a true Canadian winter.
Cardston Zone

Lethbridge Zone

Sisters Patton, Hatch, Ence, Sears

Bow River Zone

Sisters Rasmussen & Brignone

Fish Creek Zone

Fish Creek Zone

Confederation Park Zone

All of our Spanish speaking missionaries

Calgary North Zone

Calgary Zone

They love taking selfies!

Calgary West Zone

Lethbridge East Zone

Medicine Hat Zone

Our missionaries that sang at the musical event in Lethbridge- Wayne Burton on right  in light blue shirt


  1. Thanks for posting so many pics, Sister Miles! It's great seeing our missionary!
    Sister Jan Reed

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