Monday, November 14, 2016

Interviews Done!

Last week we were able to complete all of the interviews--we finished with our Medicine Hat zone.  Our nurse, Sister Hanna, that  serves in that area agreed to bring sandwiches for lunch, so once the interviews were done we all had lunch together in the gym, which was kind of fun.  After that we took off to Magrath because Steve had his coordinating council meeting that began at 5:30 that evening.  This is the meeting with all of the stake presidents in southern Alberta, the Area Seventy, and the temple president.  And it's a long meeting!  Goes from 5:30 to about 9:30 p.m.  Usually while he is at this meeting (it is also held in different cities down south--each stake will take a turn hosting it), I can go out teaching with the sister missionaries, but in Magrath we only have elders, so I can't go out with them!  So, I spent the night in the church doing some medical logs, catching up on some emails, reading my scriptures and Preach My Gospel (to prepare for our retainer's meeting the next day), and I even face timed a couple of the kids.  Heck, when you have 4 hours, you can get a lot done! Once the meeting was done, we drove home and got into bed about 12:30 a.m.!
On Friday we had our Retrainer's meeting with all the new missionaries and their trainers.  We were able to finally hold it in the mission home, now that it is done being remodeled.  We had a good meeting with them, talking about planning, and role-playing, using the Book of Mormon, and also teaching the importance of teaching new investigators not only HOW to pray, but that they can truly receive answers to prayers.  After the training we went upstairs for a quick hotdog lunch!
Saturday we were able to attend two wonderful baptisms.  There really is nothing like a convert baptism.  It is just so sweet and wonderful to see someone take this step and embrace the gospel.  They are so happy!  One of the converts, Josh, had been investigating the church for about a year.  He is married to an active member (they are about in their mid 20's), and he spoke of his 'former' life where he drank and did drugs.  And now he speaks of how happy he is and how the gospel has changed his life.  It is such amazing thing to see!
And we love seeing the joy in our missionaries' faces as they watch someone they have taught enter into the waters of baptism!  It makes all of their hard days, and discouraging days, and long days worth it!
Sometimes as members I believe we take for granted the happiness we have in the gospel--the peace we feel, the direction it gives us, the hope we have because of it.  So, to see someone, whose life had none of those things, experience the blessings of the gospel for the first time, is just the best!
I love this gospel.  I love my life because of this gospel.  I love the happiness I feel because of the gospel.  I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I know He lives.  I love the Book of Mormon, and know it is true, and was translated by divine means through the prophet Joseph Smith.  Because of this knowledge my life has purpose and meaning and direction and happiness!!
Hotdog lunch at our retrainers meeting!

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