Sunday, September 4, 2016

Another transfer week!

This past week has been our transfer week.  We welcomed in 23 new missionaries- 22 on Tuesday and then one cute sister, Sister Call, who will be speaking Spanish came on Thursday.  She was detained at the MTC because they had found a bat in her room that she shared with 3 other sisters; so they kept them there to be sure they were disease free and ok to come!  How's that for a funny story?
So, it is always great to get these new missionaries here...they are always so filled with enthusiasm and excitement, despite being tired from waking up so early to get here.  Since the mission home training room is under construction we did our training at the church close to the mission home.  It's nice there, but not as fun as when we do it here.  Following the training they walked to the mission home for a great dinner.  They are always so excited to have a home cooked meal, and not MTC food!  After dinner we had to go back to the church for the last little bit of training and they get their overnight bags and Elder and Sister Sefcik, one of our senior couples serving in the office, came and transported them all to the hotel and to their home--it took them 2 trips to do it all.  The missionaries were so glad to get to bed early!  We had them to the hotel by 9:00 p.m.--so they all got a great night's rest.
The next day after our 9:00 training with them, their new companions come and join us in the chapel at 10:15  and they find out who their trainers are and where they will be serving.  I love this meeting--to watch the new ones join with their new companions and head to their areas.  They are so excited--yet also a bit nervous..but hopefully some of the training sets them at ease.  We always teach them that this is the Lord's work, and He will guide them in it, and to trust in Him.
On Thursday we had our regular transfer day where we meet at 3 different locations to transfer everyone going north and south.  So we drive to Lethbridge and back on that day--and it's good for us to be there and see so many of the missionaries in one day.  We are able to answer some questions and are there for any problems that might arise.  There are always some tears as sisters have to leave each other and go to another area!  I always give them my quote that says, 'stop being afraid of what can go wrong and start being excited about what can go right'.  That's my official 'new companion, new area' quote!  But our transfer day went well, and everyone seemed pretty enthusiastic.
Since our departing missionaries had left the week before, we didn't have our regular afternoon at the temple and dinner.  It was kind of weird!
We spent Friday and Saturday preparing for our zone conferences which begin next week, and for our MLC which will also be next Wednesday.  So, we have a busy 2 weeks ahead of us--but they will be great.  We love zone conferences and are so excited for them.
One of our districts holding district meeting outside while the weather is good!

Our new group of missionaries from the MTC!

Elder Lee, and our new assistant, Elder Moffitt

Elders Wolfe, Eaves, Cleghorn and Ryden made us this poster in the MTC.

Meeting Hermana Call, who came on Thursday

Hermana Call (left) meeting the 3 other Spanish speaking sisters-
Hermanas Dean, Ratliff and Amaller

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