Sunday, August 7, 2016

Busy, great week!

This past week has been a great and busy week.
Monday, as usual, we went into the mission office and met with our senior couples there.  Can I just mention again how amazing these couples are, and how invaluable they are?  We have 3 couples serving:  The Peppinger's from Utah, The Thorley's from our ward in Sandy, Utah, and the Sefcik's from Calgary.  We are so grateful for each of them and all that they do.  There is so much that goes on  in the office to make our mission run efficiently and smoothly--and these incredible couples do it all.
And besides all of the administrative things they do, they are great 'nurturers' to our missionaries.  They are wonderful examples of couples that love the Lord, and love each other.
On Tuesday morning we drove to Lethbridge to attend a Zone Training Meeting there with our Lethbridge Zone.  It was a great meeting.  The zone leaders, Elder Dredge and Elder Purvis did a wonderful job of teaching what we had learned in our Missionary Leadership Council the week before.  We were proud of them.  We love being in any zone or district meeting with our missionaries and hearing their insights and hearing of their faith, and listening to how they encourage and help each other in the work.
After that meeting we met with Elder Evanson, our Area Seventy for southern Alberta.  Actually, he and his wife, Jody, invited us to dinner at their home with their family.  They have become dear friends to us, and we love them.  Following dinner we were able to discuss the needs of the mission and how we feel we can improve.  Elder Evanson is always so supportive of us.  After our meeting at his home in Lethbridge we drove to Magrath to meet with the new stake president there, President Maxwell.  We had a great meeting with him--he is just brand new, and is anxious to get the work going.  We just love the stake presidents we get to work with.  Then we drove back to our hotel in Lethbridge.
On Wednesday we attended the Lethbridge East zone training meeting with Elders Linford and Pugh, who also did a wonderful job conducting and training.  Also, in both meetings, the Sister Trainer Leaders, Sisters Dean and Trimble did training as well, and also did an awesome job.  It is so cool to watch these young adults stand up and teach and train.  They are the future leaders of the church, and they will be awesome.
After that meeting we had dinner with Steve's two counselors and their wives at the Gedlaman's home in Lethbridge.  It was great to be together the 6 of us.  They have also become dear friends.  After dinner, Steve and Pres. Gedlaman and Pres. Stephen met to discuss upcoming Ward Mission Leader trainings they are going to conduct in the stakes, and discuss Stake Conference schedules and who will be attending what conference.  After having July off from Stake Conferences, they will begin again in 2 weeks, and we had to reassign who is going where. After that we drove to Raymond to meet with the stake president, President Jensen, and his two counselors to discuss missionary work in Raymond.  Raymond is a predominantly Mormon town--but there are still those who don't have the gospel, or those who have had it and have fallen away.  Magrath is also similar to Raymond in this respect; so the work is different there than in the city of Calgary.  But they are great towns, and we want to find those who are prepared to hear the gospel either for the first time, or  again in their lives.
We drove back to Lethbridge from Raymond and got to our hotel about 10:45.  Then on Thursday Steve did some weekly planning with some elders in the morning, and I was supposed to go with sisters about 1:00, but there was a miscommunication, and it didn't work out.  I was disappointed because I wanted to be with these cute sisters.  Then that evening I went out teaching with Sisters Shaffer and Caldwell, and Steve went with Elders Larson and Mecham.  I was so excited to go on this teaching appointment because they were teaching a less active man and his new little wife who is a non-member.  The lesson was going to be held in the bishop's home.  So, we drove there and waited, and then the sisters received a text that the couple will have to reschedule because they were running so late.  I was really disappointed; but it happens!  So, they will be teaching them this next week.
I at least got to meet this bishop and found out he was a dentist, so he said he would be willing to see missionaries when they need dental help.  The LDS doctors and dentists in our mission are so kind and willing to help our missionaries!  I am so grateful!!!!
We drove home Thursday night late and Friday I was able to catch up on some laundry, grocery shopping and things like that.  It's always nice to have a catch up day!
Friday night for date night we drove to Bragg Creek and ate at a little Italian restaurant there that was so yummy!  We've now found two restaurants in Bragg Creek that are great-this Italian one, and a German one!
Saturday we had a day full of planning and preparing for not only our upcoming mini zone conferences this week, but for the next few months.  It's crazy to see the next few months so planned and booked up with transfers, interviews, training meetings, zone conferences, etc.  It never stops!!
There is never a dull moment!  And there is never a 'typical' day!  But it is all great work, and we love trying to help our missionaries grow in their faith and testimonies.  We are trying to help our missionaries seek referrals more often from everyone they meet, and the golden question they are to ask is: "Who do you know that would be interested in and benefit from this message?"  So, I throw that question out to anyone who reads this..."Who do you know?"  We are all so blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  Look at the happiness it brings.  So, we have to ask ourselves, 'just who do I know?'  If we prayerfully consider that question, I know someone will come to mind.  Now just act on that prompting!  We have the most wonderful message in the world to share.
We've had some crazy hailstorms the past while-this is our back patio table.

Lethbridge Zone Training Meeting

Lethbridge East Zone Training Meeting

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