Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Joyful, tender and strange all at the same time!

The last few days have been tender, joyful, and even a little strange!  Tender in that we said good-bye to Steve's dad and I went home to attend the funeral and participate in that.  It was difficult to leave Steve behind in Calgary.  Joyful in that we are so grateful for the abundance of the spirit  we have felt, and for the knowledge that families truly can be together forever, and for being able to see my wonderful children, sweet little grandsons, and our extended family.   And then strange to be away from my companion for 3 days!  I have missed him like crazy, and even though it was wonderful to be able to be here for Dad's funeral--I had a real longing to be back with Steve and on our mission.  It made me again, so eternally grateful for the testimony I have of the plan of salvation, and for this beautiful gospel that gives me so much joy, and peace and happiness.  It also makes me realize again just how much we need to share what we have with all of those that don't know of their Savior and His atonement and how it blesses their lives.  And so I am grateful to go back out to the mission field and help our great missionaries in this, the Lord's work.
We have transfer week coming up and so we are excited to welcome 18 new missionaries on Tuesday.  I have been praying for them!  And we will say good-bye to 11 on Friday, and I will be sad to see them go-yet so grateful for the wonderful missionaries they have been, and that I have been so blessed and privileged to be part of their lives.  Transfer week is always so exciting!
Hugging my little Drewbie...

and my Sam...

My little Finn said he wouldn't quit hugging me until it was time to eat!

Steve's "Mission Mom" Sister Goaslind came to the viewing for Steve's dad.

Our sweet little Beck!  Youngest grandson.

All the Miles grandchildren with their Grandma

Hugging my Miles, Wyatt and Finn!

Military honors for a wonderful man.

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  1. Mom it was so fun to see you over the weekend! You're the best and I'm sure dad is happy to have you back!