Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sisters dinner

Friday night we had a special dinner for 19 sisters in our mission.  One of the sisters, Sister Layton, who is scheduled to go home in 2 weeks, fell on P-day and fractured her humerus bone right above the elbow, which required extensive surgery late Monday night.  They had to put in a plate and pins to repair it.  So, because of this, she needed to go home Saturday because her recovery will be quite difficult.  We are so sad to lose her early and so sad for her that she had to end her mission this way.  She has been a phenomenal missionary and we just love her.  She was devastated that she couldn't stay and go home with the group of sister missionaries she came out with.  So, we decided to have them all come to the mission home for dinner and to say good-bye to her.  All 9 of them came with their companions.  It was so fun to see them all together!  We are losing some wonderful sisters these next 2 weeks!  During dinner we had the sisters that will be leaving soon share their words of wisdom with the ones that are staying.  I was so touched by what they shared, and the advice they gave--things like: always be grateful, I'm the most happy when I'm grateful...remember who you are, that you are a daughter of Heavenly Father...when I'm discouraged I naturally want to clam up and not do anything, but I've learned to go get busy and do the work, and then I feel good again, because doing the work brings the spirit...never leave a lesson or home without testifying of the Savior...and the list went on.  I was so impressed by their words of wisdom and faith.  They are incredible sisters.
We will miss them so much!
Look at these cute sisters we lose on March 4!

Our 'sister's dinner'!  It was so fun.

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  1. Those sisters are the luckiest to have you two!!