Sunday, September 20, 2015

Departing interviews, a little get away

Banff in the fall time!

Moraine Lake- gorgeous!

Banff National Park
Well, this is my second time around writing this post!  I had it all written and when I went to add the photos it somehow erased everything I had written!  AAAH!  So, here we go again!
This past week has been busy as usual.  Do I say that every week?  I think so!  One thing we have learned is that the work never stops, or slows down.  We go from sun up to sun down and into the night and we still can't do all that needs to be done.  So, we just keep taking it one day at a time and trying to do the best we can.  We are definitely more comfortable now--but it is still overwhelming and we are constantly on our knees seeking guidance.  We are so grateful for a kind and loving and patient Heavenly Father who blesses us with what we need at the time we need it.
This week we had our departing interviews for our missionaries that will be leaving us this Friday.
We drove to Lethbridge on Tuesday evening (didn't get there until 12:30 a.m.!) did interviews on Wednesday, drove back to Calgary and did interviews on Thursday.  Although I did take time on Thursday while Steve interviewed for a much needed hair appointment!  Just trying to find time to have my hair cut can be tricky!  And then when Steve finished interviews he went and got his hair cut!  So, we are ready to go!
On Friday we had our 'training meeting for new trainers'.  Since we have 22 new missionaries coming in on Tuesday, we need 22 new trainers.  This can be quite tricky to manage--but after a lot of prayer and thought we zeroed in on our new trainers and we think they will be great.
Since we have been here (which is almost 3 months now!) we really haven't taken any time to ourselves like we have been instructed to do.  So, Friday afternoon we decided on a whim to go stay overnight in Banff National Park.  We hadn't even made a hotel reservation, but hoped we could just find one once we got there--which we did!  We drove to see the famous Lake Louise and Moraine Lake--both of which are absolutely beautiful.  And it was really pretty in Banff with the leaves turning yellow and the snow on the tops of the mountains.  I'm sure that snow is here to stay until next June!  It felt so good to get outside and walk around a bit and enjoy the fresh mountain air and the scenery.  It is pretty incredible.
We found a fun pizza/pasta restaurant in Banff and had a tasty pizza there, and then we walked down the main street and found a little chocolate shop to buy some fresh fudge.  We always love finding either English Toffee or fudge!  We then went to our hotel and relaxed for the night.  We were back on the road to Calgary by 9:30 the next morning, but we felt refreshed and ready to go.  We had to be to a stake conference in Fort Macleod, which is about 1 1/2 hours, away by 5:45 that night.  The Saturday evening session was very good, and so was the Sunday morning session.  Dad and I both spoke in the Sunday morning session, along with a recent convert and a man who had been less active for about 30 years.  They both shared their stories of coming into the gospel, and they were so tender and sweet.  There is nothing like hearing people talk about their conversion process and feeling the love of the Savior in their lives.  It was very touching.
We left Fort Macleod about 12:30 and got home about 2:00 and spent a while going over our transfer board and making some changes we felt were needed.  We think we are now ready for this upcoming transfer week.  We will send 16 missionaries home, and receive 22 new ones.  It is always an exciting week.  Although we are sad to lose some, we know they are ready to go home and begin their lives post-mission, and we are excited to see what they do.  But we are happy to get our new ones!!!  

inside Banff National Park

Beautiful Lake Louise

the huge hotel at Lake Louise


  1. Thank you for authoring this beautiful blog. I'm a mission mom of one of your sister missionaries. I came upon your blog by change, but know it is one of those mission mom tender mercies. I absolutely feel the love of our Savior and his plan for my child through your blog, love for the missionaries, and words of strength. Thank you for your service and love for your missionaries. My family prays for you and the wonderful people of Calgary each day.

  2. On how we love Alberta! It is so beautiful. I'm glad that you're finding time now and again to sneak away from your work.... It is so important for you both. We love hearing about your busy lives. It brings back fond memories.

    We love you!